Why Does my BTCP Balance seem inaccurate for the time I have been mining?

The current blocks have to confirm fully, then payments are processed and your balance will update accordingly. Please see the Statistics page to look at current blocks found, blocks must be fully confirmed before payment processing occurs.

Can I use a Z address to mine to this pool?

No, Addresses starting with b1 (transparent) addresses are only supported.

Can I use an exchange address to mine with?

Exchanges typically do not like you to mine to your exchange wallet. We strongly advise you to use a wallet where you have control of the private key.

Why do i keep getting an Unauthorized or Authorization failed error message?

You have to use a valid b1 address as the user parameter in your mining program. Make sure that the address is valid as most authorization errors have been due to mistyping the address or case sensitive issues. Copy and paste whole address when possible for best result and if you get authorization errors double check your address. Your address can be in the format of ( address.workername ) and you should connect with no problems.

What's the dashboard used for?

The dashboard allows you to access your miner page with ease, not always having to re-entering your address when you navigate to the site.